Friday, July 15, 2005

The Satanic Scriptures

The Satanic Scriptures Cover

Book: The Satanic Scriptures by Peter Gilmore

A great companion and expansion to the Satanic Bible. It actually goes more indepts and is evolutionary to the Satanic Bible in that it takes the same philosophy of LaVey and expands on it. Peter H. Gilmore articulates the philosophy very well. If your not a satanist and or are a realist/atheist you will like this book very much.

First, members of the Church of Satan do not worship "The Devil" as understood by Christian Scripture. They worship their inner spirit, their own power and confidence. This perhaps makes them even more "evil" and threatening to by the book Christians. Christianity demands that you take no responsibility for your own actions, that the "Devil" made you commit your wrong actions, and that by becoming Christian, you are "saved" and bear no responsiblity for your actions. Satanism demands the opposite. You and only you are responsible for yourself. You are to treate others as they treate you: return kindness with the same, stand up and defend yourself against those who harm you and your family. Satanists are called to be strong wolves and not passive sheep. All in all, I think the philosophy of Satanism in its true form is much more positive and empowering tham that of conventional religion. This book also contains some of the more interesting rituals of Satanism which, while they may be indeed empowering, will most likely freak out any Christians still sitting on the fence and give their pastors something to rant about when they become "born again" and need something to blame their drug addictions on (drug use very much goes against Satanic philosophy as it takes power away from the individual and renders him helpless). I am not a Satanist, but I liked much of what I had read in this book and I wish that more people would read it with an open mind.

This volume hits it's intended mark; it expands and clarifies the philosophies set forth by LaVey over forty years ago. It shows that the Church of Satan is vigilant and faithful in their duties to prevent the same stagnation that has occurred with the christian bible. As society changes, so too do the principle everyone lives by. It is assuring that Magus Gilmore is living by the Satanic credo "Ever Forward". If you are a believer in the Abrahamic religions, well then its a great read to really see how the carnal man can really act with that in mind, the natural and carnality and the relience of the self. Excellent read.

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