Saturday, August 20, 2005

The Art Practice Of Caballa Magic

The Art Practice Of Caballa Magic Cover

Book: The Art Practice Of Caballa Magic by Ophiel

Dion Fortune wrote a great book about the Caballa but told nothing about the practices. This book starts to tell about how to use the Tree of Life, or Practices. It reveals what Dion Fortune left out because she received her Knowledge From a lodge and was not at liberty to give it out. I received the knowledge direct from the inner sources and can give it all out freely.

The newest book in Ophiel’s Art and Practice Series begins with a brief history of the Caballa then examines the Correspondences of the Tree of Life and its symbolism. One of the most interesting chapters offers a unique Interpretation of the Three Pillars, relating them to past, present, and future. The Art and Practice of Caballa Magic provides clear instructions for practical, productive work using the symbols of the Tree of Life in daily life. As always, Ophiel’s accessible language gives fresh insights to the student and a new understanding to the general reader with an interest in the occult. (Ophiel)

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