Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Inner Teachings Of Taoism

The Inner Teachings Of Taoism Cover

Book: The Inner Teachings Of Taoism by Chang Potuan

This is a great taoist alchemy treatise. One of the best books written on taoist alchemy you will ever find. The root text by Chang Po Tuan is presented along with enlightening commentaries. It has helped me understanding the "Secret of the Golden Flower" translated by Richard Wilhelm and introduced by C.G. Jung and revealed the meaning of so many symbols of taoist alchemy.
Not a very easy reading but it's worth the effort.

Taoist inner alchemy is a collection of theories and practices for transforming the mind and refining the self. The Inner Teachings of Taoism includes a classic of Chinese alchemy known as Four Hundred Words on the Gold Elixir. Written in the eleventh century by a founder of the Complete Reality School, this text is accompanied by the lucid commentary of the nineteenth-century adept Lui I-ming.

If you are a serious practitioner i think this book is a must have. Genuinely puts to rest the age old ideas people have that there is some mystical pill for immortality. Very well written and translated. Great read for anyone interested in the deeper meanings of taoist alchemy or willing to give the tao a try. I've recommended this book to several people. this book is sold in taoist temples throughout china. buy this book! a great handbook for taoists everywhere, and people everywhere.

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The Inner Teachings Of Taoism

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