Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Satanism The Seduction Of America Youth

Satanism The Seduction Of America Youth Cover

Book: Satanism The Seduction Of America Youth by Bob Larson

In Bob Larson's "Satanism," he uses personal interviews from his radio show in Colorado to explain the different branches of satanism and how the everday choices that teenagers make Influences their everyday decisions. As a parent, it was very helpful to me of what to look for if my child were to be in satanism. I, myself, was active in satanism when I was a kid, and all the music, the lyrics, and the signs that he talks about and connects it with satanism is very accurate. Words, actions and attitudes belong on one side or the other. They are either for God, or not. And if what is coming out of the music, the movies, the logos and reflecting into you'r children are not positive, pure, loving and of good report, than it is not for God. This book was very helpful and it was also enjoyable to read.

In Satanism, Bob Larson examines the pervasive influence of Satanic activity of youth. More than a simple overview of the dangers, this book provides Practical ways to recognize and combat Satanism, Ghoulish games, horror films, black metal music, drugs--Larson gives a clear Understanding of the evil surrounding us. Bob Larson has gone out to meet the enemy and knows him first hand. Level headed, not a scare monger, just reporting what he sees and hears. Anyone who thinks that Evil is a myth should read this book!

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