Monday, October 10, 2005

Religion For Dummies

Religion For Dummies Cover

Book: Religion For Dummies by The God Squad

This is a serious look at the details of certain parts of religion I always had doubts and misunderstandings, which I care not to comment on here, but for example the trinity.

Gain a deeper understanding of Christianity, Judaism, Islam, and other faiths! A wise and witty road map for exploring life’s big questions

Why are we here? How should we live? What happens after we die? Why does evil exist? This lively and informative reference explains how the world’s great religions answer these questions – and shows how religious beliefs and rituals give meaning to life and help us cope with conflict, adversity, marriage, and much more!

The Dummies Way

* Explanations in plain English
* "Get in, get out" information
* Icons and other navigational aids
* Tear-out cheat sheet
* Top ten lists
* A dash of humor and fun

The book is easy to read, follows a designed plan and yes it will bring a smile. The group of personalities bringing this book together show their colors and belief in the best and easiest way to understand. I found it very rewarding in my misconceptions and unawareness. I want to turn others on to a book that actually is similar but did much more for me

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