Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Karmic Tarot

Karmic Tarot Cover

Book: Karmic Tarot by William Lammey

This is a book for anyone who wants to understand and read the Tarot, whether just
beginning or continuing a life-long love affair with the cards. For reasons that you will
soon see, I titled this book Karmic Tarot and named the spread around which it revolves the
“Karmic Spread.”
Everything that happens in daily life is part of the unfolding of your divine purpose.
The more you can grasp the essence of that purpose, the more harmonious that unfolding
will be. This book introduces what I have called Karmic Tarot, a way of discerning your life
purpose, at once both chosen and divine. But it is also highly useful in your day-to-day
affairs. You can gather rich information about specific issues and time factors affecting
your current situation. A Tarot reading with the Karmic Spread is not only diagnostic but
prescriptive. You are getting answers to the questions you are asking in your heart.
To be rich in meaning and valid in its insights, a reading must be both passive and
active; passive in the emotional and spiritual planes in order to listen and receive information,
and active in the physical and mental planes in order to validate and interpret all
Karmic Tarot explains the underlying principles and patterns at work in Tarot, rather
than having you memorize what numerous others say given cards mean. It kindles knowledge
hidden deep within you. When you discover the essence of the cards and their Relationships
in the deck, their pertinent meanings will always be there when you need them.
When you read the cards, their meanings will bubble up from deep inside you with little or
no effort.
The Tarot is both a rational and an intuitive system, a marvelous blend of right- and
left-brain thinking. It is a logical system of archetypal symbols and structured layouts on
which the intuitive right-brain can play its half of the game. This makes it an excellent tool
for exercising and training the whole brain in any field of interest.
The Tarot is also an excellent and friendly introduction to metaphysics, as it embodies
so many of the underlying mysteries of the universe. Karmic Tarot focuses on your movement
through your own universe, the evolution of your personal Consciousness.
The book is organized into two parts. Part One is devoted to Principle and Part Two to
Practice. You may read either part first. The novice may want to begin with Part Two, which
will enable him to begin reading virtually immediately, later returning to Part One for more
in-depth study. This separation makes the book an on-going reference tool for the more
experienced reader as well.

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