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Simple Taoism A Guide To Living In Balance

Simple Taoism A Guide To Living In Balance Cover

Book: Simple Taoism A Guide To Living In Balance by Alexander Simpkins

Simple Taoism is designed to help the reader understand what Taoism is about and to help apply its best aspects to everyday living. Divided into three parts, the book outlines the background and development of the philosophy, illustrated with stories to bring history to life. It explains key concepts and shows ways to incorporate the insights fo Taoism into one's life through such activities as meditation, breathing exercises, and exploring the natural world.

Simple Taoism is clearly and beautifully explains the important concepts and people in straightforward language so that modern readers can not only understand it, but apply it! I heartily recommend this book to anyone who is interested in knowing more about Taoism. Deceptively brief, it explains in plain language the basics of Taoism and builds on these with simple exercises to help you put the theory into practice. It gently persuades you to look at your life again. Stand back and let things take their course - let your true nature emerge. A book that was meant to find its way onto my shelf. Feet on the ground stuff, but providing spiritual insight.

Taoism is a complex vast collection of customs, rituals, and beliefs that have never been codified into doctrine. This ancient Chinese path emphasizes attunement to the natural rhythms of life, the wisdom of intuition, and the value of inaction or wu-wei. C. Alexander and Annellen Simpkins, authors of "Zen Around the World," discuss the importance of chi (life force or energy), yin and yang, the five elements, and simplicity in Taoism.

The movement from Lao-Tzu's writing about the Tao to the contemporary search for methods of enhancing and prolonging life is a zigzag course rather than one of logical progression. "Wisdom lies in not contending," write the Simpkins. "Sensitive to the inner nature of self and others, Lao-Tzu''s Way leads through mystery by returning to the core of life."
Those who are interested in living in balance will find plenty of helpful resources in Taoism including meditation, Eastern medicine, the martial arts of tai chi and aikido, feng shui, and techniques for working with dreams.

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