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Anthelme Nizier Philippe Biography

Anthelme Nizier Philippe Biography Cover Anthelme Nizier Philippe was born on April 25, 1849 in Le Rubathier, Loisieux, Savoy, France, the son of peasants. He was also known as "Maitre Philippe" or "Maitre Philippe de Lyon". His mother was Marie Vashod (1823-1899) and his father Joseph Philippe (1819 - 1898). From the age of fourteen he stayed with his uncle Vachod, a Butcher in Lyon. He gained a reputation as a healer by the age of thirteen, and by 1895 he ran a school of magnetism and massage at Lyon, which was linked to a similar establishment run by Papus in Paris. His own teaching of 'magnetisme', though, was grounded in prayer and spiritual and personal discipline, omitting the customary hand-gestures and outward practices of other magnetists.

He married Jeanne Julie Landar (1859 - 1939) on 6th October 1877 in L'Arbresle.

He soon gained a reputation as a miracle worker amongst Paris occultists. Having been harassed for practicing medicine without a license, he went to St Petersburg where he was awarded his Doctor's Diploma in recognition of extraordinary feats of remote healing conducted in St Petersburg.

In October 1884 he presented a paper (published in French) entitled "Principles of Hygiene applicable in Pregnancy, Childbirth and Infancy" at the University of Cincinnati, Ohio. In recognition of this the University conferred a Doctorate of Medicine on him. Many other academic and social honours were conferred on him during the 1880s and 1890s in France and Italy.

A French police report of 8 November 1902, stated that he was 5 feet and 5 inches tall, rather corpulent, brown-haired, deep blue-eyed with a vivid gaze.

His son, Albert, died of smallpox at the age of three months. His daughter, Jeanne Victoire, died on 29 August 1904 aged 25, just before her seventh wedding anniversary. He refused to heal her, saying that it was Heaven's wish that she should go on ahead, and predicted the precise course of her illness and death. "This death," he said, "has for me been a living crucifixion." Philippe himself died on 2 August 1905 at the age of 56, in L'Arbresle, Rhone, France where he was living. He was buried in the cemetery of Loyasse (France).

His Alsatian secretary, Alfred Haehl wrote a well documented biography Vie et Paroles du Maitre Philippe (Life and Words of the Master Philippe).

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