Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Enochian Temples The Lower Temple

Enochian Temples The Lower Temple Cover

Book: Enochian Temples The Lower Temple by Benjamin Rowe

The Lesser Angles of the Tablets represent the microcosm within the Enochian system. They reflect in miniature the Symbolism of the Six conjoined with the Four that is the keynote of each Tablet as a whole, and can be thought of as expressing the lesser poles of Tiphereth-Malkuth within the larger polarity of Kether-Malkuth expressed by the entire Tablet.

To construct the altar of a Lesser Angle, each Servient square of the Lesser Angle is assigned to a water-aspect cube measuring one unit on each side. The four cubes for each row of Servient squares are grouped into a larger square, in the same way as was done for the Kerubic pillars in the Original design. These larger squares are then stacked on top of each other in the same order as in the Tablet. This produces a shape two units square and four units high, the relative dimensions of the standard
double-cube altar of the universe.

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