Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Theosophia Pneumatica

Theosophia Pneumatica Cover

Book: Theosophia Pneumatica by Joseph Peterson

According to A.E, Waite, this text was based on Arbatel de Magia Veterum, but drawing on other elements as well. He states, The adaptation has been well executed and makes for additional clearness. The transcendental portions are slightly accentuated; it is said in one place that the exaltation of prayer is the end of the whole Mystery, and that such exaltation will never be denied to the true seeker, who is recommended on no account to undervalue his own prayers. This is a better presentation of the theory than the corresponding passage in the Arbatel itself. There is also an addendum on Transcendental Medicine, which, so far as can be known, is original, and it is as curious as anything in the literature with which we are dealing.

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