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3 Enoch Or The Hebrew Book Of Enoch

3 Enoch Or The Hebrew Book Of Enoch Cover

Book: 3 Enoch Or The Hebrew Book Of Enoch by Hugo Odeberg

The writer owes profound gratitude to his teacher, Professor G. H. Box, of the University of London, without whose guidance, encouragement, generous Interest and helpful criticism the present work would never have been brought
into shape.

The Venerable the Archdeacon of Westminster, Dr R. H. Charles, has authorized the writer to give the present book the title "3 Enoch". The second and third parts of the book (Translation with Notes and Hebrew text with critical apparatus) are in the main identical with those of the writer's thesis for the Ph.D. degree. The Introduction, however, has been wholly revised and partly shortened. The revision has been approved by Professor Box, who has been kind enough to read through the Introduction in its final form.

The writer wishes to express his thanks to the readers of the Cambridge University Press for the care and trouble which they have taken with the correction of the proofs and for the valuable suggestions given by them. To the Senate of the University of London the writer is indebted for a grant of $100 out of the University of London Publication Fund, and to the Trustees of the Olaus Petri Stiftelse of the University of Upsala for a grant of the same amount towards the publication costs. HUGO ODEBERG Bjdrklinge, Sweden 15 February 1928

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