Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Invoking Pentagram

The Invoking Pentagram Cover

Book: The Invoking Pentagram by Order Of The Golden Dawn

The Pentagram is a powerful symbol representing the operation of the Eternal Spirit and the Four Elements under the divine Presidency of the letters of the Name Yeheshuah. The elements themselves in the symbol of the Cross are governed by Yhvh. But the letter Shin, representing the Ruach Elohim, the Divine Spirit, being added thereto, the Name becometh Yeheshuab or Yehovashah - the latter when the letter Shin is placed between ruling Earth and the other three letters of Tetragrammaton.

This Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram is only of use in general and less important invocations. Its use is permitted to the Outer that Neophytes may have protection against opposing forces, and also that they may form some idea of how to attract and to come into communication with spiritual and invisible things. The Banishing Pentagram of Earth will also serve thee for any opposing Astral force. In all cases of tracing a Pentagram, the angle should be carefully closed at the finishing point.

The invoking Pentagram of Air commenceth from Water, and that of Water commenceth from the Angle of Air. Those of Fire and Earth begin from the angle of Spirit. The Kerubic symbol of the Element is to be traced in the centre. The banishing Signs are reversing of the current. But before all things, complete the circle of the place wherein thou workest, seeing that it is the key of the rest.

Unless you want to limit or confine the force, make not a circle round each Pentagram, unless for the purpose of tracing the Pentagram truly. In concentrating however the force upon a symbol or Talisman, thou shalt make the circle with the Pentagram upon it so as to concentrate the force together thereon.

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