Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Seven Hermetic Letters

Seven Hermetic Letters Cover

Book: Seven Hermetic Letters by Georg Lomer

Dr. Lomer's Seven Hermetic Letters belong, without a doubt, among the most valuable magical treatises of the 20th century. We are pleased that we have been given the opportunity to publish this book. The original title contained the words "secret science," which, since the publication of the Bardon books, have lost their earlier significance.

We are aware that many students do not adhere strictly to the instructions of the masters, and do their exercises aimlessly without giving any serious thought to the consequences. We would like to briefly address the dangers to which the student subjects himself when he makes improper use of the magic sciences.

In paragraph 7 of the Fifth Letter of this book, Dr. Lomer recommends exercises whereby the consciousness is transferred into the feet and other parts of the body. For those who have reached the "magical equilibriun" in accordance with the instructions given in Bardon's Initiation Into Hermetics, these exercises are not harmful. However, without this magical equilibrium the student subjects himself to certain dangers, concerning which Bardon warns us in The Key To The True Kabbalah, pp. 55-58 (1996 edition).

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