Saturday, December 30, 2006

Out Of Body Experiences How To Have Them And What To Expect

Out Of Body Experiences How To Have Them And What To Expect Cover

Book: Out Of Body Experiences How To Have Them And What To Expect by Robert Peterson

This book is about Out-of-Body Experiences, or "OBEs" for short. The OBE is also called Astral Projection in much of the literature. I'll use these terms interchangeably in this book. Simply put, an OBE is an experience in which you seem to be consciously apart from your physical body. This book is not a complete detailed discourse on the OBE; there are dozens of books on out-of-body experiences, with stories, theories, and good information. Rather, this book offers a new perspective on the OBE, based on the author's experience and point of view. My goal is not to reiterate the old theories, but to present new information based on what I've learned and provide tools to induce OBEs. A good word to describe an OBE is "Escapade," which has the same root as the word "Escape." According to the American Heritage Dictionary, an escapade is: An adventurous action that usually violates conventional standards of behavior. It's an escape from our bodies. It is adventurous. And it certainly violates conventional standards of behavior!

Most OBEs have common features. For instance, the subjects often see their own physical body during the experience, like any other object in the room. They usually report having "ghostly" bodies that can pass through solid objects during the experience. Sometimes their ghostly bodies are even seen by others! They also report floating or flying, and often report seeing places or events that were out of eyesight. There are many books about Out-of-Body Experiences with many different approaches, from scientific to the occult (see the bibliography for more information). Many of these books give the readers stern warnings against trying it themselves, for fear of: death, disease, possession, insanity, heart attack and even the fear of being mistaken for dead and buried alive! I'm writing this book to try to dispel some of these myths.

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