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Godzilla Meets Et Part1 The Calls And Medieval Cosmology

Godzilla Meets Et Part1 The Calls And Medieval Cosmology Cover

Book: Godzilla Meets Et Part1 The Calls And Medieval Cosmology by Benjamin Rowe

What most distinguishes the Enochian magickal system is that it is an artifact, a made thing. Other systems attempt to describe the universe (or some part of it) as it is, providing a framework which corresponds to observable natural structures and events, attempting to work with forces in their natural states. This is not true of the Enochian; like a product of human engineering it uses natural forces, but arranges and concentrates them in ways that could never be produced through normal evolutionary processes. Every aspect of its structure evinces the presence of deliberate creative intent behind its existence.

It is equally clear to those who have used the system extensively that it is not the product of human creativity, but of a being or beings possessing a much higher order of Perception and a much greater scope of action. The magickal beings who are bound into this system are all (except the cacodemons) of at least the human level of Development. Each has a nature as deep and complex as any man, and each has an individual will as strong. Further, the system appears to touch on every part of the magickal universe; no magician has yet found any limit to its connections. Both of these facts demonstrate that the origin of this magick must have been truly divine. No lesser source could possibly have bound together the elements it contains; no lesser source could have made those elements so instantly and perfectly responsive to the will of the user.

What is the purpose of this magickal machine? Experience shows that in some ways it is like a computer system, in other ways like a Communications network, a powerdistribution grid, a means of transportation, and a trans-dimensional gate. Add to these the many mundane tasks Dee believed could be accomplished through its use, and the Calls and Tablets seem to be the Swiss Army Knife of magick. Whatever the magician wants to use it for, it can accomplish; sometimes that accomplishment requires using it in ways not intended, but it works nonetheless.

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