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Arcane Schools

Arcane Schools Cover

Book: Arcane Schools by John Yarker

This book provides a background necessary to Understand elements of the Golden Dawn and O.T.O. initiations, particularly in matters like the inclusion of the Samothraian deities in the former and the details of the lower and middle
degrees for the latter. The Western Occult Revival is documented in it's origins.

The Arian and Cabiric races taken for granted in this book are fictional, though based on far more limited actual ancient cultures. At the period in which this work was written, a racist theory of world civilization was current. This theory culminated in anti-Semitism and ultimate atrocity in the second quarter of the 20th century. Caution should be exercised by the reader to distinguish the later excesses of Arianism from the altitude of Yarker's book. European scholars of the time were themselves a Development of history, as such remain today. These racist theories of world history stem, in part, from the earlier religious belief in the age of the world as roughly 5,000 years. For so short a span, a universal and simplistic view of history is a natural concept. With the modern discovery of several millions of years for human tenure alone, a more diverse genesis of history is appropriate. For "Arian", take empirebuilding
conquerors and invaders. For "Cabiric", take indigenous pagans or settled people of the soil. The latter is sometimes associated with "natural religion" by Yarker. The various theories and dates must be further adjusted in light of modern archaeology and ethnology.

Scholars and students of European literature will find unusual value in the work. How else may we understand stray references like: "We should look like the two sons of Aymon, who had lost their brother." -- from Chapter XXVIII of
"The Three Musketeers" of Alexandre Dumas? (Spelling varies in the original text for some names and common words. Punctuation also varies from contemporary norms, perhaps representing the oratorical style of breaking long passages more than error in usage. Original typos are also common. An alphabetical list of variant spellings is available for this text.) - Bill Heidrick

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