Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Book Of The Black Serpent

The Book Of The Black Serpent Cover

Book: The Book Of The Black Serpent by Opus Majus

This is a version of an essay published c. 1900 for initiates of the Golden Dawn Isis-Urantia temple. The original essay, concerning the Qlippoth can be found in R.A.Gilbert's "The Sorcerer and His Apprentice" and Steve Savedow's "Goetic evocation - The Magician's Workbook Volume 2". The following text was provided in Trident's edition of "Grimoirium Verum", several additions have been made and some editing has taken place.

The operator of this, the Opus Majus, would do well to abstain from the companionship of the vulgar-minded during the time of the working and the three days preceding the actual experiments. It is not needful to remain pure [or chaste] in this work, for it is the end of this work that all should be satisfied and without want. Let it suffice that one who conducts this work spend a goodly time in thought cogent to the work. It is important that whoever does
this work takes the time to remove all obstacles which may interfere with the completion of the work; this is very important - for, if you cannot do the work in its entirety it is better never to commence.

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