Friday, March 9, 2007

Satanism The Opposite To God

Satanism The Opposite To God Cover
If you read The Satanic Bible you will find a list of seventy seven infernal names preceded by the Four Crown Princes of Hell, including Satan, the rebel. These names come from lots of different cultures and lots of different time periods.

They all have one thing in common: They were/are seen as the primary force working against the dominant Gods within those cultures. The Church Of Satan could have been called The Church of Set (Egyptian), The Church Of Shaitan (Islamic), etc, but the most famous adjective to describe our Church is Satan. The accuser, the rebel. Given that the COS is a Western phenomenon, it is only right to adopt a figurehead of what is in the Western World the most famous symbol of anti-deity sentiment.

Satanism is a rich eclectic religion, and our figureheads a diverse and from many cultures. To fully understand what Satanism idolizes you cannot rely on merely the imagery of Satan, but on the imagery and doctrines of the Four Crown Princes and the seventy seven infernal names, both found in The Satanic Bible, along with further details than I give on these pages.

Atheism and anti-theism
Atheists are opponents of gods. A god is only as powerful as its followers, and every atheist denies every god that little bit of power. A Satanist plays this game, too, and rejects all gods, including the Christian Satan, and demons as false.

So many atheists are conservative in their opinions towards gods. Not so, the Satanist. Satanists are explicit atheists, and proud of it, much like the Humanists. Being more goodevil in their approach to life, a Satanist will happily side himself with the principal and traditional enemies of the gods of the religions.

The Church of Satan is founded with mankind in mind, with the Earthly world as our guide. We do not like hypocritical white light religion. One good thing that is often found within the most hypocritical monotheistic lines of thought are the bad guys... the darker elements and characters from white light religions are useful to us as examples, heroes and pillars of strength against what are always stacked odds, and overwhelming enemies.

We are the ones who choose knowledge rather than stupidity, we choose the tree of knowledge and not innocence from it. We question anyone who suppresses the truth. We question anyone who follows something blindly. We oppose theism, we oppose externalisation of guilt as dishonest and harmful. We believe in happiness of the body and self, rather than scoring up points for the afterlife through abstinence.

"The Devil has the most extensive perspectives for God; on that account he keeps so far away from him: - the Devil in effect, as the oldest friend of knowledge."

"Beyond Good and Evil" Nietzsche p94

Throughout History every culture has had a figure which represents the carnal, The Satanic Bible lists seventy-seven of these Infernal Names, and it does not matter which name you apply to us: We are the unreligion, we are the scientists who deem ALL religious constructs to be false.

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