Friday, April 13, 2007

High Lights Of The Fifth Knowledge Lecture

High Lights Of The Fifth Knowledge Lecture Cover

Book: High Lights Of The Fifth Knowledge Lecture by Order Of The Golden Dawn

Some of the material in the Fifth Knowledge Lecture will come as review material to the Philosophus as it has been covered in other grade material in this grade and previous grades. However, it is essential for the Philosophus to have a good working knowledge of the material, therefore, most of it will be reviewed. In addition, some material may appear for the first time. If we take the languages of Greek, Latin and Hebrew, we come up with the three beginnings, A and Z, a and t, and Alpha and Omega. By using these three languages together, we can form a word, based on the beginning and ending of each language, called Azoth. It is used with a number of different meanings, but it generally refers to essence. The following is a review from other material, however it is covered in Knowledge Lecture Five so we will review it again, and that is Ain - the negative (no-thing or naught) }ya, Ain Soph (limitless) wsya, Ain Soph Aur (the limitless or boundless Light) rya wsya. You will note and remember from an earlier lesson that these are the Veils of Negative Existence.

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