Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Occult Chemistry

Occult Chemistry Cover

Book: Occult Chemistry by Charles Webster Leadbeater

Occult Chemistry: Investigations by Clairvoyant Magnification into the Structure of the Atoms of the Periodic Table and Some Compounds is a book written by Annie Besant, C.W. Leadbeater and Curuppumullage Jinarajadasa, who were all members of the Theosophical Society (based at Adyar, India). Annie was at the time the President of the Society having succeeded Henry Olcott after his death in 1907. The first edition was published in 1908, the second edition in 1919, and a third in 1951. Since the first edition was published in 1908, the book is in the public domain, and available in whole or in excerpts, on many sites on the internet. Occult Chemistry proposes that the structure of chemical elements can be assessed through clairvoyant observation with the microscopic vision of the third eye . Observations were carried out between 1895 and 1933. "The book consists both of coordinated and illustrated descriptions of presumed etheric counterparts of the atoms of the then known chemical elements, and of other expositions of occult physics." Academic criticism is available in Chapter 2 of Modern Alchemy: Occultism and the Emergence of Atomic Theory, and in an online article from the Chemistry department at Yale University

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