Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Taoism And Buddhism

Taoism And Buddhism Cover
The relation between Taoism and Buddhism has been fertile, with reciprocal borrowings of doctrinal formulations, theological elements, technical terminology, and forms of practice. Even though Buddhist polemical authors have often accused Taoists of appropriating Buddhist notions and topoi and even of plagiarizing their scriptures, these disputes have mostly occurred in the surroundings of the imperial court. In that milieu, providing evidence of doctrinal preeminence in order to obtain official patronage was more important than highlighting any shared ground. Taoism provided Chinese Buddhism with some of that ground in the early stages of its development, and, in turn, drew from it in later times. For the average faithful, anyway, subtle doctrinal distinctions surely were not the main concern, and Taoist or Buddhist deities could equally be addressed as needed and practicable.

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