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The Zoroastrian Faith Tradition And Modern Research

The Zoroastrian Faith Tradition And Modern Research Cover

Book: The Zoroastrian Faith Tradition And Modern Research by Sa Nigosian

This book makes a worthy contribution to the study of world religions by offering a primer on a little known religion whose thought has influenced every major faith." Herbert Basser, Department of Religious Studies, Queen's University. "The originality of the author's contribution lies in the combination of history, scripture, and ritual. The description of the ritual practices is particularly informative and useful ... His careful sifting of the historical evidence is useful because he is dealing with issues concerning which the historical record is obscure.

This is an excellent description of the Zoroastrian faith. It begins with Zoroaster himself, dating his lifetime most probably and providing a compelling history of the man who ultimately had a tremendous influence on Western culture far greater than he could ever imagine. I believe it safe to say that he had more influence than Jesus himself, given the fact that the Zoroastrian world-view was subsequently adopted by a large contingent of ancient Jews, including Jesus, and ultimately spread around the world by Christianity and Islam.

The history of the faith itself is then presented, along with key scriptures, teachings, and rituals. This book is excellent and truly fascinating reading. The Zoroastrian faith was far ahead of its time and represented an incredible philosophical advance in the ancient world that would have been completely foreign to most of the world's inhabitants but very familiar to you and I. The attractiveness of its beliefs could not be opposed even by the strictness of the Judaic world-view. In a remarkable way, Christianity and Islam represent the triumph of Zoroastrian ideas, and I found myself strangely saddened that this religion is near extinction. There is an inspiring grandeur to this faith as presented here.

There are no photographs or visual information in this book that could help reveal certain clothing or life styles of the Zoroastrian faith. In fact I did meet a Parsi (a modern Zoroastrian from Bombay India) at a Jews for Jesus table at Cal State Fullerton California around the mid 1980's & saw his shirt that contain the chords to store his good & evil deeds, but I still would like to see a photograph of a fire temple & the rites performed.

The book is well written, absolutely fascinating, balanced, and a quick read. I recommend it highly.

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The Zoroastrian Faith Tradition And Modern Research

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