Monday, September 17, 2007

Aspects Of Occultism

Aspects Of Occultism Cover

Book: Aspects Of Occultism by Dion Fortune

It's really incredible how you start of with books like Kraig's "Modern Magick" and Tyson's "Magician's Workbook", finish them, and get to go back and read where most modern occult authors got their Knowledge From. Anything from the original masters, Fortune in particular, is worth buying, reading, and truly studying.

In this book Dion Fortune discusses evocative magic, the sites of Druid worship, parallels between Christianity and the Qabalah, the astral plane, auras, spiritual healing, power cycles, and our Relationship with the Higher Self. This revised edition includes a new Introduction by Gareth Knight, an index, and an additional essay by Fortune "The Myth of the Round Table." People familiar with Fortune's work will love this book!

Buy Dion Fortune's book: Aspects Of Occultism

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