Friday, September 14, 2007

A Book Of Five Rings

A Book Of Five Rings Cover

Book: A Book Of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi

I have been Many Years training in the Way of strategy, called Ni Ten Ichi Ryu, and now I will explain it in Writing for the first time. It is now during the first ten days of the tenth month in 1645. I have climbed mountain Iwato of Higo in Kyushu to pay homage to heaven, pray to Kwannon, Goddess of Mercy and kneel before Buddha. I am a warrior of Harima province, Shinmen Musashi No Kami Fujiwara No Genshin, age Sixty Years.

When I reached thirty I looked back on my past. The previous victories were not due to my having mastered strategy. Perhaps it was natural ability, or the order of heaven, or that other schools' strategy was inferior. After that I studied morning and evening searching for the principle, and came to realize the Way of strategy when I was fifty.

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