Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Encyclopedia Of World Religions

The Encyclopedia Of World Religions Cover

Book: The Encyclopedia Of World Religions by Robert Ellwood

Gratifi ed by the response to the initial publication of The Encyclopedia of World Religions, the editors have prepared a revised and much enhanced edition of this work. The new edition contains 100 new Articles on as many fresh topics,
from ACTS OF THE APOSTLES to VIETNAMESE RELIGIONS. Numerous suggestions for further reading have been added throughout. Many articles have also been updated and expanded. The entire encyclopedia has been carefully scrutinized to ensure accuracy, to include the latest scholarship and information, and to adequately represent recent world events involving religion.

The early years of the 21st century have turned out to be a time in which religion is much in the news, often in very controversial ways. Once again, faith has shown itself to be a major force behind political and international events, as well as within the hearts of individuals. Regardless of how one feels about religion’s role in society, now more than ever, reliable and in-depth information about the world’s religions—an understanding of its role both today and throughout history—is essential to responsible modern citizenship. It is hoped that this encyclopedia will contribute to that vital understanding. — Robert S. Ellwood
General Editor

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