Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hare Krishna Getting Centered

Hare Krishna Getting Centered Image
For our viewing and listening pleasure, today I am sharing this little site:

Shiv Shakti Peeth"

"This site is about prayers to God. It includes favorite bhajans from Hindu religion, mantras and prayers. It features online indian temple bhajans such as Radhe Krishna temple bhajans, Ganesha temple bhajans, Vaishno mata temple bhajans, Hanumana tample bhajans, Parvati Shiva temple bhajans and Sita Rama temple bhajans.

What does all that mean? Well it means that they have these wonderful prayerful mantras and songs. I played the Hare Krishna mantra when I went there, and it felt so good. The music went straight into my heart and actually brought tears to my eyes.

As I was surfing for new and different prayer sites, one thing was constant, no matter what the content, or the intent, or the consciousness, or the religious affiliation - the concept of getting still, and finding a place of alignment or closeness to God was mentioned almost every time. And so I think it must be important. That's what these hindu prayers did for me - so that's why I am sharing them here.

To listen to these prayers you will need Windows Media Player. You can get this free plug-in from the Microsoft web site

There are different pages, with different prayers and mantras, the page I went to was the Radhe Krishna Temple Prayers, and if you scroll down the page you will see various links to various mantras, bhajans, and even some talks given by the Swami.

Note: Looks like these links no longer take you to the right pages. But hey, I've got something better! It's a video. George Harrison and the Radha Krishna temple singing Hare Krishna. Enjoy!

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