Monday, December 10, 2007

Atalanta Fugiens

Atalanta Fugiens Cover

Book: Atalanta Fugiens by Michael Majerus

Hermes, the most industrious searcher into all the Secrets of Nature, doth in his Smaragdine Table exquisitely thus succinctly describe the Natural Work when he says: 'Wind carried Him in his belly,' as if he should have said that He whose father is Sol & mother is Luna must, before he can be brought forth into the light, be carried by windy fumes, even as a Bird is carried in the Air when it flies.

Now from fumes or winds (which are nothing else but Air in Motion) being coagulated, Water is produced, & from Water mixed with earth all Minerals & metals do proceed. And even these last are said to consist of & be immediately coagulated from fumes, so that whether He be placed in Water or fume the thing is the same; for one as well as the other is the master of Wind. The same the more remotely may be said of Minerals & Metals, but the Question is: Who is He that ought to be carried by Winds? I answer: Chymically it is Sulphur which is carried in Argent Vive (contained in quicksilver), as Lully in his Codicill cap. 32 & all other Authors attest. [Marginal note: "Lully ibid: 'The wind carries him in his belly;' That is, sulphur is carried by Argent Vive; & Ch. 47: 'The Stone is Fire carried in the Belly of Air.'"] Physically it is the Embryo, which in a little time ought to be borne into the light. I say also that rithmetically it is the Root of a Cube; Musically it is the Disdiapason; Geometrically it is a point, the Beginning of a continued running line; Astronomically it is the Center of the Planets Saturn, Jupiter & Mars.

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