Saturday, December 22, 2007

Major Groups Of Canonical Daosist Texts

Major Groups Of Canonical Daosist Texts Cover 1. Dongzhen (Cavern of the Realized) (The Shangqing School)
Includes books of the Shangqing ("Consummate Purity") School revealed starting in 364 to a certain Yang Xi (330-386) by apparitions of Wei Huacun, founder of Shangqing.
However also included here are some Lingbao charms and liturgies, as well as the Huangdi Yinfu Jing (Yellow Emperor's Classic of Esoteric Charms).
2. Dongxuan (Cavern of the Mysterious) (The Lingbao School)
Includes the Lingbao ("Spiritual Treasure") scriptures, traditionally thought to be originally collected by GE Xuan, a relative of the IVth century alchemist GE Hong. They are a collection of rituals, liturgies, and talismans.
However, some Shangqing texts are also to be found here, including the Huangting Neijiing Yu Jing.
3. Dongshen (Cavern of the Spirit) (Putative Writings of Lao zi and Other Sages)
This section originally included the Sanhuang Jing ("Scriptures of the Three Sovereigns"), which contained magic formulas and invocations, claiming to date from the Three Kingdoms period (25-265). They were destroyed in the Tang dynasty (618-907).
That did not prevent the section name being kept in use. In later canons this section includes the Daode Jing, Zhuang zi, and related materials, as well miscellaneous later texts attributed to Lao zi. (In today's canon this section also includes some Lingbao texts, including the BEidou Yansheng Jing.)

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