Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Buddhism As A Bottom Up Religion

Buddhism As A Bottom Up Religion Cover Buddhism is not what we call a "top-down religion" -- one in which a deity reveals religious and spiritual truths to humanity. It is a "bottom-up religion" created by humans as an attempt to express spiritual concepts.

Kerry Trembath, former Secretary of the Buddhist Council of New South Wales, in Australia writes :

"Buddhism does not deny the existence of gods or of other worlds, and indeed the devotional practices of many Buddhist Traditions involve the veneration and invocation of special beings such as Avalokitesvara (known as Kwan Yin to many Chinese, or Kannon to the Japanese). However, at its core Buddhism is a non-theistic religion and, unlike other world religions, Buddhism is not a doctrine of revelation. The Buddha did not claim to be the bearer of a message from on high. He made it clear that what he taught he had discovered for himself through his own efforts."

"The Buddha himself is revered not as a deity or Supernatural being but as a very special kind of human being. He was a human who achieved the ultimate in Development of his human potential. The Buddha taught that this achievement is within the reach of every human being, and he spent his life teaching a practical methodology which, if followed with purity of mind and great diligence, would enable others to reach the same objective. In other words, he taught a method rather than a doctrine. When questioned about the validity of his teachings, the Buddha did not refer to the higher authority of a deity. He explained that his teachings were based on his own direct personal experience, and he invited all who were interested to test for themselves whether the method he taught was effective."

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