Thursday, February 14, 2008

The Higher Degrees Handbook

The Higher Degrees Handbook Cover

Book: The Higher Degrees Handbook by John Sebastian Marlowe Ward

In attempting to give an outline sketch of the various degrees in Freemasonry in a book of his description, I am faced by many difficulties, not the least of which is how to write in an interesting way about degrees, which many of my readers have not taken, without giving way more than is permissible.

One of my reasons for writing this book is to encourage Brethren to take these “Advanced degrees.” We still meet Brethren who say that there is nothing beyond the Craft worth taking. As one who has taken all the degrees for which he is qualified, I can state from personal Experience that, with one or two small exceptions, practically all the degrees are of the greatest value.

Of course, my readers must bear in mind that a Brother gets out of Masonry in proportion to what he brings into it. If he approaches it with a keen Intellectual mind, based on a reasonable amount of study of the meaning of symbolism, he naturally will learn far more than if he approaches it merely from the point of view of a man who knows a good dinner when he eats one, and cares nothing about the meaning of the ceremonies which take place in the Lodge Room.

In conclusion I must express my indebtedness to Messrs. Toye & Co. for the loan of the blocks which illustrate this book.

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