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Occult Symbols

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LET'S TAKE A CLOSER LOOK AT THE SYMBOLS OR SYMBOLOGY OF THE OCCULT.. First of all what are OCCULT SYMBOLS, are they just symbols used to create focus for the energy or are they a belief system to protect us from negative energies or are they both? Basically an Occult symbol is a symbol, which holds power or hidden value to it's owner -- hence an OCCULT SYMBOL.. Let's take a look at some of the most powerful Occult symbols used today in order to understand them better, some of these symbols are so common most people do not know that they actually originated from old symbols of power


The cross is an old symbol that has had many hidden meanings in the church for a long time. It was said to provide protection as well as symbolise a connection to god.. It is still used by millions today as a recognised symbol of power.

In many prayers (meditations) the cross is sometimes used to hold the energy of meditative or as the church call it prayer healing.. Also the cross has been used in the past to scare away negative forces such as ghosts and demons when used in the right way as an Occult symbol of power

The cross is also a symbol used related to death commonly used at graveyards and to also represent Jesus excepting death on the cross in history


Symbol used in Judaism, the Star that David can be seen as a flattened view of a three dimensional symbol, made up of two interlocking triangles. According to Judaic sources, the Star or Shield of David signifies the number seven: that is, the six points plus the center. Its Star of David on Wall in Jewish District, Venice, Italy earliest known communal usage of the Occult Symbol began in the Middle Ages..

In the Kabbalah, the two triangles in the star of David represent the dichotomies inherent in man: good vs. evil, spiritual vs. physical, etc. The two triangles may also represent the reciprocal relationship between the Jewish people and God. The triangle pointing up symbolizes our good deeds, which go up to heaven and activate a flow of goodness back down to the world, symbolized by the triangle pointing down.

Similar symbols of the star of David were used in magick rituals by Solomon his dad, refer to maybe the Star of Davids original Occult meaning.. The star of David is now a recognised symbol of this faith and is used by many for there own personal meanings and connection to god..


The swastika is commonly used as a symbol of good luck, welfare, prosperity or victory. One interpretation of the swastika is derived from the ancient mythological symbolism of Shakti dancing upon Shiva. Philosophically this may be understood as the two aspects of Brahma : consciousness and energy interacting to give expression to the universe. The circular movement of this cross may be interpreted as the circular movement of the rising Kundalini.

If seen as a cross, the four lines emanate from the center to the four cardinal directions, and this is commonly associated with the Sun. Other proposed correspondences are to the visible rotation of the night sky in the Northern Hemisphere around the pole star.

The swastika has also been indicated as a symbol of power representing the cycle of the sun moving around the earth. In recent times the symbol has received a lot of negative feedback due to it being used by Nazi's in WW2 as there symbol. Hitler always sought out symbols of power so naturally he chose the swastika to use for battle. Since the war many have related it to an evil symbol yet before it was seen as a symbol of good..

The left facing swastika can be seen in Buddhist temples in china as well as it also predated even further back into ancient Hinduism..In Hinduism, the two symbols represent the two forms of the creator god Brahma: facing right it represents the evolution of the universe, facing left it represents the involution of the universe.

"As you can see the Swastika symbol has been used in many forms as a powerful symbol of power, it is definitely an important OCCULT SYMBOL.."


Overall these three symbols are some of the most recognised symbols today that have in some way strong symbolic linking to Occult value. In further posts i will go into depth further on these symbols as well as include other important Occult symbols such as Rune symbols, pagan symbols such as the five pointed star and many more.

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