Friday, May 23, 2008

Taoism And Popular Religion

Taoism And Popular Religion Cover
In relation to the different forms of common religion in China, the stated purpose of Taoism is "transforming" (hua) people, in the sense of educating them to venerate the pure deities that impersonate the Dao, instead of joining other cults--those defined as "vulgar" (su) or "illicit" (yin), which often included sacrifice and involved the assistance of spirit-mediums. Whithin this context, the continuous incorporation of new deities and ritual forms, resulting from the interaction of Taoism with local communities and cults, had the purport of upgrading the deities by admitting them into the "correct" (zheng) hierarchy of gods, and of amending the ritual forms by integrating them into the proper way of communicating with the divine world. As has often been noted, the spirit-medium, and not the Confucian officer or the Buddhist monk, was the first competitor of the Taoist priest within local communities.

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