Monday, June 30, 2008

Blogs On Sufism And More

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Wordpress has become a wonderful support platform for blog. There has been phenomenal increase of blogs hosted in wordpress. Notably many of the blogs are by people who are inspired by the esoteric dimension of Islam, namely sufism. Whether they are already on the path or they are aspirant - many of them are doing a great work about blogging on sufism. I am compiling a list of notable sufi blogs in wordpress here. With time i would like to update the list. If you know any good wordpress blog on sufistic theme, you are welcome to suggest as well.

Memories of Shamcher This site is dedicated to the memory of Sufi Shamcher Bryn Beorse. Forest (Vakil) Shomer and Carol Still have put together many of Shamcher's documents in an archive and presenting some of these online in this blog. Shamcer was a contemporary of Sufi Murshid Samuel Lewis.

Darvish A beautiful blog by the author of Sufi novel Master of the Jinn, Irving Karchmer. The author is also a darvish of Nimatullahi Sufi Order since 1992.

Jahane Rumi a wonderfull and refreshing contents with diverse range of topics. Local flavors and Sufism blends beautifully.

The Realm of Remembrance A very resourceful blog that focus a lot on Islam. Posts on spirituality and sufism are also featured.

Gently in the night M. Shahin's blog on poetry, often on sufi theme. A very good resource blog for those who love poetry.

AnitSniveler Michale Hawkins looking for ways to inspire to turn within for solutions to what's going on externally. Becoming like child is a favorite post of mine.

Anony Sufi Inspired to document the journey of an emerging Shadhili murid. By blogging on the process of the journey, the author hopes to benefit others who are treading the same or similar paths by sharing the experience. By uniting Seekers, we can learn from each other see how others deal with life issues while still trying to maintain a strong tie with God.

Age of Jahiliya A blog on varities of matter, including tasawwuf and islam.

Contemplating Chisti Some Guidance on Fiqh, 'Aqida, Hadith, and the Words of the Righteous mixed with some spiritual ecstasy.

Parzifal's Blog Parzifal is a seeker who wonders and wanders in the midst of the many masks of the Divine.

Tavellers on the path of knowledge a blog worth checking. also hosting Carnival of Islam in the west.

Travelling through this world blindfolded a blog that aspire to inspire

Hakkani Blogging from the Osmanli Nakshibendi Dergah.

Abdur Rahman's Corner a good resourceful blog on spirituality and more.

Allahu Alam Blog on Islam and Tasawwuf.

Aftabzz A relatively new blog

Traditionalist A very well maintained blog by Faraz Rabbani on islamic spirituality and more. He is also a contributor of Sunni Path.

Sunni Log Featuring a number of posts tagged sufism.

Poems from the Edge of the Continent A blog with inspiring poems.

Alexandalus On religion, philosophy etc.

Journey of a Travellar a variety of interests.

with time i hope to add more sufi blogs here.

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