Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Buddhism And Jainism

Buddhism And Jainism Cover Buddhism and Jainism deny the very existence of God as an absolute and eternal entity. They do not acknowledge a creator behind the world in which we live. In Buddhism, any discussion about God is regarded as futile because such a deliberation is of little value in the liberation of an individual. It would not lead to mitigation of human Suffering or liberation of the individual. What matters most is personal effort and the sincerity with which the Eightfold path is practiced. The Buddha advised his disciples to remain in the here and now, mindful of their immediate perceptible world, to know the True Nature of their existence and find suitable remedies to the problem of their suffering. If Buddhism does not care to confirm or deny the existence of God, leaving the matter rather inconclusive and unanswered, Jainism makes its stand very clear by emphatically denying the existence of God as a Universal and absolute Self responsible for creation, leaving no scope whatsoever for ambiguity on the subject.

Paradoxical as it may sound, although Jainism does not believe in the existence of universal Supreme Self, it may be wrong if we categorize as atheistic. Jainism may say God has not created the universe, but it does say that the souls are divine and eternal. It believes in the sanctity of the worlds by finding divine souls everywhere, having the potential to reach their highest state of freedom, through their individual effort. For Jains God and divinity are not synonymous. A world devoid of God can still be divine and eternal. They perceive divinity or God nature in the sanctity of entire existence and in the eternal, individual souls who are intrinsically divine, having the ability to be according to their choices and actions. The world and the soul are permanent realities which cannot be denied. According to the Akaranga Sutra, "He who denies the world (of fire-bodies), denies the self; and he who denies the self, denies the world (of fire-bodies)."

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