Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Invocation Of Horus

Invocation Of Horus Cover

Book: Invocation Of Horus by James Eschelman

Here’s the unmodified original. (I think this is unedited. I just pulled it off my file copy. Haven’t gone back to proofread it against the original.) It was originally performed on March 20, 1904. It is customary in some Thelemic circles to repeat the ritual on that occasion each year.

To be performed before a window open to the East or North without incense. The room to be filled with jewels, but only diamonds to be worn. A sword, unconsecrated. 44 pearl beads to be told. Stand. Bright daylight at 12:30 noon. Lock doors. White robes. Bare feet. Be very loud. Use the Sign of Apophis and Typhon. No preliminary banishing etc. - James A. Eschelman

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