Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ce New Designation Of Era

Ce New Designation Of Era Image
Time - the strange matter. It seems to be running but it actually stays still. When people became aware of the time, they tried to find a way to measure it. The seconds came into minutes, days turned into years. At this moment we live in the year of 2008. At least we think we do. No-one knows for sure. As we have got accustomed to this conception so be it!

Still there is a sometimes painful question about naming the era we live in. The English speaking part of the world have been forced to use A.D. to designate the time in this common era and B.C. to mark the events of the ancient era.

As we know A.D. stands for Anno Domini - "the year of God" and B.C. stands for "Before Christ". However may be, these two designations are a part of the strong Christian policy of presence held for many centuries. Not saying anything against Christians it's just not ethical to force other people using alien designations. There are about one billion Christians on the Earth and more than 6 billion people altogether. Why does majority use the terms of minority?

Is there an alternative definition of era for Buddhists, Wiccans and followers of other spiritual paths? Yes, now there is one! New terms have been proposed recently - CE and BCE. These two stand for Common Era and Before Common Era respectively. Where we used A.D. we would now use CE and in the place of B.C. we would write BCE.

Wicca.IN Portal officially supports the change of designations and encourages everyone to use CE and BCE in both spoken and written word. CE and BCE designation has been widely adopted in many non-Christian communitites and also in several scientific and academic fields. If we wouldn't stand for our rights who would then? Let's keep the ethics alive!