Thursday, August 28, 2008

From Human To God

From Human To God Image
Last night i had this interesting conversation with one of my friend, Kaveh. We went to a religious program organized by local Singaporeans on the occasion of Imam Hussein's Birthday (Imam Hussein is the grandson of Prophet Muhammad and a great spiritual leader. May peace and blessings be on him). Among many things discussed, Kaveh told me something interesting worth mentioning:

He said, if you look at great religious personalities, they all first from Human Nature try to discover God. Once they discover God, they seek nearness of God, after this state they are absorbed in God. At this stage of evolution they separate themselves from the general people.

After they are absorbed in God, they realize the Truth and the Reality. And then that they comeback to Human Nature. They go back into general people to serve them.

It is the connection of God and people that is necessary. You can not love only God without loving His creation, people. Serving people is equivalent to serving God.

The above situation can be illustrated by the examples of Buddha, Jesus and Muhammad. All of them at one point of time became wanderer. One went into forest for meditation and to undestand the Reality. Another went to desert seeking and meditating on God; another went into mountain for long retreat and meditation. But interestingly all of them after discovering Divine and attaining Spiritual Enlightenment; came back to the people to give guidance. To make people conscious, to awake them from sleeping state and state of denial of Reality.

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