Monday, September 29, 2008

Practical Taoism

Practical Taoism Cover

Book: Practical Taoism by Thomas Cleary

I found this collection of translations to be very helpful. Compiled by a seventh-generation master of the Northern Branch of the Complete Reality School of Taoism known as the Preserver of Truth, this Extraordinary collection of teachings and commentaries illuminates the many profound mysteries of inner alchemy in the Taoist tradition. I read Cleary's books from a student's perspective and not from a Taoist scholar's perspective. The insights gleaned from this book are priceless. It is a great wonder how our present age and society has fallen into such a moral decline even though these scriptures have been around since man's early days. Read and apply. These teachings may seem cryptic but they turn into truths once they are applied to our lives.

Thomas Cleary is a master translator of eastern religious and Philosophical texts. His academic skill is complemented by a deep Understanding of the practices described in his translations. He gets to the original intent. Practical Taoism is worth reading for the introduction alone. Never have I found a more concise and practical description of observations, functions and practices regarding the Tao then I have here. If you want a solid introduction to Taoism and how it can benefit your life, this is a good place to start.

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