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De Vermis Mysteriis

De Vermis Mysteriis Cover

Book: De Vermis Mysteriis by Roman Tertius Sibellius

It is supposed that the authorship of “De Vermis Misteriis” belongs to Roman Tertius Sibellius (280 B.C. - ?). In youth he served in the armed forces in Egypt. He was especially known by his smart intellect and passion to collect some artifacts. He bought several statuettes, amulets, papyrus scrolls of religious and philosophical content. More often he just took it in power from inhabitants. As the most of sensible people of that time, he was strongly against Christianity. But, it might be that he saw no reason to worship Roman Gods. It was mentioned in secrete documents, written by the order of Julian and kept in present time in some short fragments, that Sibellius was joined to these horrible cults by Ethiopian black sorcerer Talim. The same documents let us see the date of writing of “De Vermis Misteriis”. It is 331 A. D. As we can know, in this time Sibellius was dismissed from the forces and living in his house in Roma.

So, there was some writing in latin mentioned the names of the Elder Ones four century before Necronomicon. The book was spread very often among the adepts of black magic and forbidden by christian emperors. In the time of Feodosios II the Great almost all copies were destroyed. But the “Misteriis” survived in hands of the adepts of Black art, who found the shelter among barbarians near the far borders of empire. In some sense, Dark wisdom came forward due to persecution and exiling from well developed countries, and it was more attractive, than a holy bliss. So barbarians knew and accepted it first before they were baptized.

Abbot Bartholomew found this Book in the dense woods of the North England. It was in some lost settlement that is not pointed on the map and surrounded by the swamps. Only inhabitants knew the paths through the deadly swamps. Invisible watchers guarded the village. In civilized world that place was known as a cursed one, for some traveler lost in those woods were often found dead at the swamp, and some people disappeared there without leaving a trace. Abbot, consecrated in tradition of Sorcery, was able to not only to reach the village alive, but also to come back with the latin text of the Book. Some parts of this one, Black Tablet par example, were written in the dead language. Abbot translated them in latin, as he might have had a key. The Book consisted also two special alphabets, the Old of 22 and the Young of 17 symbols. That is the history of the ancient writings, called “De Vermis Misteriis” (in latin). From the middle of past century “De Vermis...” were often met on the counters of book sellers. We offer you the translated version (from russian to english) of the Book printed in some private printing-house in Leiptzig.

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