Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Pow Wow Tradition Of Witchcraft

Pow Wow Tradition Of Witchcraft Cover Pow-Wow Tradition: (from the Algonquin word “pauwau", which means literally "vision seeker") Its principles encompass shamanic like rituals of healing through visions and the application of traditional medicines, which are often accompanied by prayers, incantations, songs, and dances. The word pauwau (pow-wow) was came to be used for Native American ceremonies and councils because of the important role played by the pauwau in both. The Pow Wow Tradition places great significance on the vision seeker as the nexus of group (coven) activites and rituals. Though some claim that the Pow-Wow Tradition is German in origin, it is more of an amalgamation of local Native American Traditions with those Traditions of the German/Dutch immigrants of pagan heritage who settled in the Pennsylvania region of the United States.

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