Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jaon Three Tier Universe

Jaon Three Tier Universe Cover
Jains acknowledge a three tier universe, consisting of an upper, middle and the lower worlds. The universe is eternal and indestructible. It has no creator and it is indestructible. From time to time some aspects of it however may undergo changes. The upper world is known as siddhasila, inhabited by eternally free and pure souls, who remain permanently in a state of pure bliss and peace. The middle world is inhabited by embodied beings such as humans, plants, animals and beings with inert bodies (inanimate objects), subject to the law of karma. The lower world is inhabited by beings, passing through various stages of punishments for the sin they incurred upon earth. They return to our world of embodied souls when their punishment is complete. Jains view the world in which we live to be full of misery and suffering and the souls that inhabit it are not free because they are attached to matter or substance and vulnerable to the inflow of karmic matter. As the Akaranaga Sutra describes, the living world of ours is afflicted, miserable, difficult to instruct, and without discrimination. In this world full of pain, the individual beings suffer by their different acts.

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