Monday, February 2, 2009

Religion Belief Texas Schools Teaching Kids How Lovely And Nice Islam Is

Religion Belief Texas Schools Teaching Kids How Lovely And Nice Islam Is Image
Here ya go, Texas... Thanks to potus wannabe Rick Perry, specific details, yes from Pamela Geller, about how they now teach Texas kids about the wonders of Islam! This sure sounds bad to me... America doesn't need more teaching false history of Islam in schools. This is lying. THIS IS TAQIYYA.

From the San Antonio Independent School District site:

"What is the Muslim Histories and Culture Project (MHCP)? "

"THE MUSLIM HISTORIES AND CULTURES PROJECT WAS BORN OUT OF DISCUSSIONS BETWEEN HIS HIGHNESS THE AGA KHAN AND TEXAS GOVERNOR RICK PERRY DURING THE SUMMER 2002, WHEN THE AGA KHAN WAS IN HOUSTON FOR THE DEDICATION OF A NEW ISMAILI CENTER. BOTH HIS HIGHNESS AND GOVERNOR PERRY AGREED ON THE NEED FOR TEXANS TO HAVE A GREATER UNDERSTANDING OF ISLAMIC CULTURE, AND SUBSEQUENTLY BROUGHT UT-AUSTIN PRESIDENT LARRY FAULKNER INTO THE DISCUSSIONS. Located in the state capital, Faulkner's campus is well positioned to accomplish these goals. A series of meetings followed, with the project ultimately finding a home in UT-Austin's College of Liberal Arts, under the guidance of Dean Richard W. Lariviere, in association with UT Liberal Arts (UT-LA), the college's teacher preparation program.

In April 2004, the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) and UT-Austin finalized a grant proposal that created the partnership that became known as the Muslim Histories and Cultures Program (MHC). Much has happened since the inception of the partnership. Creation and implementation of a model was of prime importance. MHC recruited and directly trained 80 teachers affecting approximately 15,150 students of World History and World Geography in ten key Texas districts during the two sessions conducted in 2005 and 2006. The purpose is two-fold 1) to fulfill Governor Rick Perry's desire to better educate Texas teachers on Muslim topics and 2) to train teachers to use a cultural lens approach to understanding other cultures. Governor Perry was instrumental in getting this program off the ground.

The curriculum for this project was developed at Harvard University and modified at the University of Texas at Austin.

The responsibilities of the participants are:

- to attend the 10 seminars and complete the assigned readings.

- to attend the January, April, and June meetings in Austin.

- to create lessons concerning Islamic topics with a "cultural lens" approach tied to their grade level to share with other teachers.

Click on a Link Below to Visit a Session:

- Session One: Sources of Tradition

- Session Two: Muhammad through History

- Session Three: The Qur'an

- Session Four: Thr Qur'an: Major Themes

- Session Five: Communities of Interpretation

- Session Six: Communities of Interpretation

- Session Seven: Rise and Reach of Muslim Civilizations

- Session Eight: Religion, Politics 19th Centuries

- Session Nine: Islamic Modernism

- Lesson Plans and Strategies "

Dave writes to Pam about this: "Session 1: Sources of Tradition"

"Abstract:... "The readings from Following Muhammad also examine the Sources of the Islamic tradition, providing a brief overview of the crucial role that Muhammad as Prophet of Islam and the Qur'an, as scripture of Islam, play in defining Muslim religious, social and political consciousness. We will explore each of these sources in greater detail in Sessions Two, Three and Four. The second set of readings, from Historical Atlas of Islam, after a brief summary of foundational beliefs and practices, survey the historical expansion of Arab Muslim imperial rule beyond the Arabian peninsula, covering the period between 600 to 1100 CE. Maps illustrate how the Islamic faith began in the Arabic world but spread to other areas where local culture, geography, language and ethnicity influenced beliefs and practices. The establishment of Arab rule in the Middle East led to the development of trade routes that were controlled by Muslim merchants, bringing in much wealth to the rapidly growing empires. With political and economic expansion, the Arabic language evolved into an international language of administration, culture, learning and commerce. As Arab power extended over more areas in the Middle East and the Mediterranean region, non Arab traditions, particularly the Persian and the Greco-Roman, were integrated. The result was a cosmopolitan civilization in which Arabic culture played an important part but in which also participated many different ethnic and religious groups. THE HISTORICAL SURVEY CONCLUDES WITH A BRIEF DISCUSSION OF THE CRUSADES AND THE ATTEMPTS BY KNIGHTS FROM THE CHRISTIAN KINGDOMS OF THE LATIN WEST (INCLUDING ENGLAND, SCANDINAVIA, GERMANY, ITALY AND FRANCE) TO WREST POLITICAL CONTROL OF THE HOLY LAND FROM MUSLIM RULERS, DAMAGING THE POSITIVE RELATIONS THAT HAD PREVIOUSLY EXISTED BETWEEN MUSLIMS AND EASTERN ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS IN THE MIDDLE EAST."...

Say what.....HUH? I call bullshite... This is just re-writing history to show Islam as good guys! (barf)

American schools should teach AMERICAN history. Teach kids real history. Teach kids what jihad is. America needs to FIGHT ISLAM not teach it in false light.


Islam needs to be stopped not taught in schools. It is not a "religion", it is an evil ideology. Flipping heck, teaching "peaceful" Islam in public schools Texas...? The one thing Islam ISN'T is peaceful.

This ain't cool... WHAT SAY YOU TEXAS?... Perry still your guy?

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