Friday, April 24, 2009

A Ritual Of The Heptagram

A Ritual Of The Heptagram Cover

Book: A Ritual Of The Heptagram by Benjamin Rowe

This brief ritual was designed as a general planetary invocation and banishing, to be used when invoking the Heptarchic Royalty and the angels of the Table of the 49 Good Angels. The symbolism of these divine beings is based on the number seven rather than six, with Sol being treated as one among equals, instead of being given a place of primacy. The ritual can also be used as a substitute for the Hexagram Ritual in other, non-Heptarchic workings.

The preferred form of the Heptagram is the G.D. version. Going clockwise from the topmost point, the planets are attributed to the points in the order of their apparent rate of motion, from slowest to fastest. This is identical with the order of their corresponding sephiroth in the Tree of Life. I use this ordering because when the Heptagram is drawn, the planets' points are touched in the order of the days of the week. Thus this version of the Heptagram embodies both macrocosmic and microcosmic aspects of the planetary powers. The orientation of Heptagram inscribed in the magickal circle is arbitrary. One can make valid arguments for several different orientations, and the magician should use the orientation that fits his own preferences.

To draw the invoking heptagram of a planet, start at the point attributed to the planet and move clockwise. The banishing Heptagram is drawn by starting at the same point and going counter-clockwise. The glyph of the planet is drawn in the center of the completed Heptagram.

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