Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Candle Magick For Love

Candle Magick For Love Cover

Book: Candle Magick For Love by Thomas Moore

All of us want a way to attract love into our lives. Many look to Magick and the occult to find ways that they can boost their energies in order to do it. But what is it that you do exactly? Using the art of Candle Magick you can safely and effectively attract love into your life by following some easy steps and spells to work on self love. First however it is important that we understand just what Magick and Candle Magick is. Magick itself is the art of manipulating energy in order to achieve a desired result. Everything in this world is made of energy and as Albert Einstein said “Energy cannot be created or destroyed simply changed.” Magick changes the energy from one form to another to achieve the casters desire. Magick is about belief, if you believe that it will work than it will, very similar to everything else in life and it the metaphysical world.

Candle Magick is a form of magick that uses the tool of candles. You have actually been doing Candle Magick since you were a toddler. Don’t believe me? We all have birthday’s right; we blow out the candles on the cake as we make a wish. We concentrate, blow them out and believe that it will come true. That is a form of Candle Magick! We are focusing here though on Candle Magick for Love. I am not talking about forcing someone to fall in love with you; you cannot force someone to do something that is against their free will. Besides, what happens if the person wasn’t right for you after all? Now you’re stuck with them because of a little spell for Love. Instead it is best to focus on self love and self worth. When we have that it is easier for us to attract a partner to share that love with.

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