Monday, May 4, 2009

Cochrane Based Witchcraft Traditions

Cochrane Based Witchcraft Traditions Cover To start, who is Robert Cochrane? Robert Cochrane was the pen name of Roy Bowers, a ‘famous’ witchcraft personality from the same time as Gardner, Valiente, Sanders, and Sybil Leek during the height of the modern witchcraft revival in Britain. However, Bowers was different in that he didn’t ride the Wicca wave, but instead claimed he came from a Traditional Witchcraft family in England and that the tradition his coven followed was based on his family’s practices. He was actively involved in the witchcraft movement in Britain in the 1960s writing articles for periodicals such as The Pentagram and Psychic News and attending meetings of the short-lived Witchcraft Research Association. He was a friend of the esteemed occultist William Gray and Doreen Valiente was a member of his coven, The Clan of Tubal Cain, at one time, and both have left accounts of how powerful and effective Cochrane’s ritual workings were.

There are many romanticisations about his death, but the following are fact: After Bowers’ wife filed for divorce, he began showing signs of mental instability and was diagnosed with depression and given a prescription of lithium by his doctor. On the traditional date of Midsummer’s Eve, June 23rd, Roy Bowers took a lethal dose of lithium, belladonna, and hellebore (the ingredients left in a suicide note to the coroner) attempting to commit suicide, but instead went into a coma. The police, called by his wife after receiving a letter from Bowers, found him wrapped in a sleeping bag on his couch. He died nine days later in the hospital on July 3rd, 1966, at the age of 35, without having come out of his comatose state. After his death his personal papers were burned by his brother and there was no mention of witchcraft in his obituary.

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