Saturday, May 30, 2009

Magical Theory And Tradition

Magical Theory And Tradition Cover

Book: Magical Theory And Tradition by Marcus Cordey

The theories and principles of magic are as diverse as the theories and principles of science. Indeed, the two fields were once one and the same only to diverge into Natural Philosophy and Occult Philosophy in the later Middle Ages. But unlike science, there are no concrete laws of magic. After all, science deals with the known and tangible where magic deals with the unknown and intangible.

Herein is proposed one collection of such principles as they are believed to govern the nature of magic. These principles have been derived from those described by Isaac Bonewits in his book Real Magic, as well as The Golden Bough of the 19th century anthropologist Sir James George Frazer, but have been further simplified and organized to embody their meaning as clearly as possible. It should also be remembered that these rules are only meant to help guide and direct a
student of the Occult arts, and are most likely represent only the smallest fragment of the greater laws underlying the true nature of reality.

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