Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Depth Of Beginning Notes On Kabbalah

A Depth Of Beginning Notes On Kabbalah Cover

Book: A Depth Of Beginning Notes On Kabbalah by Colin Low

These notes were written with that intention: to present one view of Kabbalah as it is currently practised, so that people who are interested in Kabbalah and want to learn more about it are not limited to texts written hundreds or thousands of years ago, or for that matter, modern texts written about texts written hundreds or thousands of years ago. For this reason these notes acknowledge the past, but they do not defer to it. There are many adequate texts for those who wish to understand Kabbalah as it was practised in the past.

These notes have another purpose. The majority of people who are drawn towards Kabbalah are not historians; they are people who want to know enough about it to decide whether they should use it as part of their own personal exploration into the condition of being human. These notes may be brief, but there is enough information not only to make that decision, but also to move from theory into practice.

I should emphasise that what I present here is one interpretation of Kabbalah out of many. I leave it to others to present their own variants and I make no apology if the material is biased towards a particular point of view. It is easy, when looking at history from a great distance, to see homogeneity where there was none, and when looking at a tradition as long-lived and complex as Kabbalah there is a temptation to over-simplify and create for the modern reader the fiction of an homogeneous, monolithic and internally consistent tradition called ‘The Kabbalah’. There never was such a thing. The variety of viewpoints, interpretations and practices was (and still is) bewildering.

A version of these notes was published originally on the Internet over the period 1990-1992, and ASCII versions of the text can be found on a number of Internet and bulletin board servers. This version has been completely revised and greatly extended. I would like to thank M.S. and the T.S.H.U. for all the fun.

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