Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Protection Of Space

Protection Of Space Cover

Book: Protection Of Space by Anonymous

In magickal practice, the protection of one's sacred space and self is a vital factor in ensuring the safety and equilibrium of one's lower microcosmic being, home, and place of occult operation against psychic and corporeal intrusion of unwanted entities. The entities referred to here are the human and subtle sort--both have the potential of being equally nasty, troublesome, and satanic. In Esoteric Islam, Satan or "Syeitan" is understood as a universal characteristic of the lower worlds that may be embodied by sentient beings, and not as is commonly thought, an individual entity.

Apart from the protection of a clearly defined area, what may be considered of primary importance is the protection of the vehicles of the indwelling Spirit from psychic violation and damage, however, this is a subject in itself, and is outside the scope of this article. God/dess willing, we will probably deal with this later in a future paper. In this article we will focus on instructing several methods of deploying magickal barriers to defend a chosen area and the individuals living or working therein.

The installation of magickal "fortresses" may protect one against psychic attack, black magick, fascination, hexes, obsessing/negative entities, physical intruders, thieves, trespassers, natural disasters, riots, (even the MIB, CIA, NSA, Big Brother, if God be willing :- ) ) etc.

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