Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ceremonial Magic Unveiled

Ceremonial Magic Unveiled Cover

Book: Ceremonial Magic Unveiled by Dion Fortune

This article first appeared in the Occult Gazette in January I933 and has not been available for a wider audience since. It is of particular relevance in revealing D.F's considered opinion about The Golden Dawn as well as Aleister Crowley.

If I read the signs of the times aright, the veil of the Temple of the Mysteries is being drawn back at the present moment. There are phases in the spiritual life of mankind just as there are weather cycles extending over periods of years, and the tide which began to move during the first decade of the twentieth century is gathering head as it proceeds. The signs of the times are to be seen in the publication of certain books on magic in which the genuine secrets are given, and given in a form available for any reader with a capacity for metaphysical thoughts. Among the most important of these are Israel Regardie's two books: The Garden of Pomegranates and The Tree of Life.

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