Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Traditional Paganism

Traditional Paganism Cover Though to the traditional Pagan there is no “one right way” to believe, at the core of Paganism there are four basic beliefs that Pagans share.

1) The Divine Principle is within allliving things and each is an important, integral part of the universe and has made itself Manifest in different ways, in differentplaces and at different times and no one manifestation can express the totality of theall encompassing whole.

2) The Divine Principle is present in Nature and in each one of us. Pagans are very concerned about the state of Mother Earth and consider themselves Her guardians and protectors. They honor the life forms which lived with them on the planet, take only what they need and pay homage to the Earth for providing for them by giving back to the Earth.

3) The Divine Principle is represented as both female and male, the Goddess and God, the yin and yang. Pagans believe strongly in the balance and harmony of these dualities and that they must address theimbalances encountered and bring them into balance.

4) The Basic Pagan Ethic is “do no harm”. This means a Pagan cannot cause harm to anyone or anything and they must give back in some way to counteract anything taken or abused.

Like most religions, Pagan celebrates rituals marking changes and events in life. Rituals can be Ceremonies of celebration or a way of honoring the Deities and thanking them for their blessings. In the Pagan calendar there are usually eight major holy days, or Sabbats relating to the cycles of Nature. The major pagan Sabbats or Festivals are determined by the position of the Sun and Moon within the agricultural year which ordained the days when one should plant or harvest crops, breed animals, or kill livestock and decreed the times when the Gods should be worshipped. These Sabbats were usually celebrated on the evening preceding the festival day, for the night was seen as belonging to the next day. The day was traversed from sunset to sunset.

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